Embracing Life as an Adventure

Zoe B provides a modern approach to yoga as a health and fitness practice that allows people to achieve lasting results from developing the body from the inside out. .

Combining acrobatics, yoga and conditioning,  Zoe teaches an integrated health and movement system based on acroyoga that involves personal development, problem solving and team building.

Life skills like communication, trust, perseverance and support are woven thru the physical challenges.
This allows participants to reflect broadly on the class material and incorporate the benefits of this activity into their life as a whole,  increasing self confidence, and the ability to – reflect upon one’s actions and work more effectively in teams.

Solo movements combined with group exercises and conditioning drills focusing on body alignment, core strength and balance allow people to physically develop and master skills more rapidly than training alone.

Combined with the extremely fun and social aspect of the group atmosphere, we are reminded the ultimate success of the individual is determined by how they operate in the context of a team, not alone.

Programs are designed for individuals and groups including adults, teenagers and children in regular class, workshop, team building and retreat formats.

Zoe Braithwaite, founder of YogaJoy has extensive training and experience with all developmental age groups.
Her 20 years experience as an interactive and show circus performer means she has no trouble ‘ working the room’ no matter what the numbers are, and is renowned for her playful and focused way of engaging her audience.